AE Pets Foundation (“Troops”), a Not-For-Profit organization, is the charity arm of AE Pets International Company (“AEP”), a For-Profit Organization. AEP is a international pet relocation company. James Howard, founder of Troops as well as majority owner of AEP, does have a seat on the board of directors of Troops. In order to preserve a relationship free of conflicts: AEP does not provide transportation services for any military family that also receives a grant from Troops.

Military families seeking assistance are encouraged to seek the service of any pet relocation company that they desire. Military families are not required to hire AEP to relocate their pets overseas in order to receive assistance.

If a service member contacts AEP for the purpose of seeking financial assistance, that person is instructed to contact Troops directly.

In most instances, the application for assistance is not accepted until after the service member has chosen a pet relocation service.

Due to budgetary restrictions, grants are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.